Vintage Hudson’s Bay Coat of Arms Pendant


Iconically Canadian! Beautiful, 14k gold pendant, featuring the Hudson’s Bay Company coat of arms. The Hudson’s Bay Company is known the world over as Canada’s company and has been a part of Canada’s history from the very beginning. This pendant is stamped 14k and hallmarked. Weighs 2.8grams. This was gifted to employees and was not available for purchase. FREE SHIPPING! 

“The coat of arms has a number of components which have remained remarkably consistent over time. It is composed of a silver shield with a red cross (the cross of St. George) with four brown beavers, one in each quarter. Above the shield is the crest, which depicts a fox sitting on a red cap, the Cap of Maintenance, which is trimmed with ermine. The shield and crest are supported by two elk. The earliest representations show animals whose antlers are more like caribou than what we know as elk, but since no Europeans, or at least none at the College of Arms in England, had seen an elk, the animals on the original coat of arms were in fact quite bizarre-looking. According to E.E. Rich, professor of Canadian fur trade history and editor of the Hudson’s Bay Record Society from 1937 to 1959, the animals were supposed to be moose. A revised version of the coat of arms issued on Canadian share certificates in 1961 transformed the ambiguous “elk” into unmistakable moose.”