Very Vintage Turn of the Century Bronze Bookends


Very vintage, bronze bookends, made in Paris France. These turn of the century art pieces, are beautifully crafted and unique, the details are absolutely amazing. One girl, one boy, both hooded. Measure 9 inch High by 5 inch long by 4 inch deep. These antique bookends are highly collectible, and made to last forever. One bookend has a small crack in the base, this has been considered in the price. Very heavy, and stamped Fabrication Francaise Paris, Made in France. 

The foundry mark: Fabrication Francaise Paris, made in Paris France. This was a foundry in Paris which poured French bronzes and iron work in the late 19th Century, early 20th Century. The circular foundry mark bares this name at the top, an image of a crucible set on flames in the centre, with the “Made in France” ringing the bottom f the circle, The “Made in France” in English on the foundry mark is due to the U.S trade law of 1891 that required all imports to be marked to indicate the country of origin. The earliest known mention of the company name “Fabrication Francaise, Paris” is 1892. The exact date when this company ceased to exist is not known, as many European governments absorbed the private metal work manufacturers for war production in the years leading up to World War 1. Fabrication Francaise, Paris was a production company that manufactured sculptures after the artist produced bronze sculptures. These reproductions were rarely cast in bronze, but cast in spelter metal (white metal/pot metal), sometimes with fabricated pieces in bronze and brass, and were painted to replicate the acid patinas of a bronze casting. The castings in spelter were most likely produced for the home décor and export markets between 1892 and 1915.